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7.30pm ages 18+ £8 adv + bf / £10 doors

Tickets on sale in The Moon (during evening opening hours) and Diverse in Newport, or buy online from or

"Postpunk legend Martin Bramah makes a rare appearance in Cardiff with new songs from the forthcoming BLUE ORCHIDS album - titled ‘Righteous Harmony Fist’.

‘Righteous Harmony Fist’ is the second album from the Blue Orchids in three years and takes them in a more melodic direction while retaining the renowned intensity of Bramah’s live performances.

The band includes drummer Howard Jones (Last Harbour/Calvin Party) keyboards John Paul Moran (The Monochrome Set/Rapid Pig) and Vince Hunt (A Witness/Inca Babies) on bass.

The show is the latest in a series of dates this year as Bramah blends songs from the new album – ‘In the Acid Garden’, ‘Beached’ and ‘The Art of Falling’ to a back catalogue of classics.

The founding guitarist of THE FALL and its primary songwriter on early releases, Bramah formed the Blue Orchids with two other ex-Fall members after the release of their classic debut album ‘Live At The Witch Trials’ - with almost instant success. The first Blue Orchids album ‘The Greatest Hit (Money Mountain)’ topped the indie charts and delivered classics still in the set – ‘Sun Connection’, ‘A Year With No Head’ and ‘Bad Education’.

With strung-out keyboards weaving around inventive, discordant guitar patterns - once described as ‘Phil Spector meets the Velvet Underground beneath the Blackpool illuminations’ – Bramah’s previous album ‘The Once and Future Thing’ confirmed him as an artist who follows his muse and continues to write great and memorable songs. Insistent beats, brilliant guitar work, ever-changing moods and more … ‘Righteous Harmony Fist’ will offer yet more proof of that – if proof were needed."