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MEDICINE BOY + LAUNDRETTE + KIKI (Slush Puppy presents)

Medicine Boy poster

Slush Puppy presents



Bar opens midday, bands from approx 8pm, followed by DJs til 4am.


MEDICINE BOY - Some of the freshest gloom out there today. On Fuzz Club Records, South Africa's MEDICINE BOY wash everything out with slow, impending dread. Lots of tormented themes layered in dreary gothic dream pop lushness. For fans of Grouper, Drab Majesty, The KVB. Visit the Medicine Boy Bandcamp.

LAUNDRETTE - Some of the most exciting young nuts in Cardiff at the minute. Both pretty and haunting. This lot have some serious talent and shooting for something truly brilliant. Part acoustic, part electronic, they're a blend of new wave, dream pop and gothic folk too. Not to miss. Visit the Laundrette Bandcamp.

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