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Disjoy poster

Bar opens 3pm, bands from 7.30pm, DJs til 4am

Ages 18+

Free entry all night

ASID - Cardiff/London band who've just finished recording their debut LP. Their new demo 'Asid Tracks II' out on La Vida Es Un Mus is class. This band has done a lot in a short time playing shows all round the UK and Ireland. Perhaps their last show for a while. Not to be missed. Listen to Asid on Bandcamp

DISJOY - Cardiff band who've just released the first track of the new EP 'Human Pandemic'. New sense of menace and urgency on this material which will slam live. Recently toured the UK with Philadelphia's Haldol. Listen to Disjoy on Bandcamp

GLIB - New Cardiff punk band from the ashes of Peril and WaLL. No recorded music yet - get down early and listen.

...And to finish off the night BEAUTY PARLOUR - Fantastic techno from the capital now with vocals providing an added sinister sound - last show supporting Hiro Kone was mesmerising. Come and check out their new set.

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